We're Launching A New Video Series: One Part Motorcycle, Two Parts Travel

We’ve been ‘on the road’ for the last four years now...

What started as an excuse to ride dirt bikes in Baja, quickly became a major lifestyle and career change for the both of us. From riding a desk (Justin was the marketing manager for a motorcycle accessory manufacturer) and pulling ropes (Kyra was a rope access technician and rigger) to writing about our motorcycle adventures for a variety of magazines and digital publications, like this one! In these last four years, we’ve accrued some 60k miles, explored 15 countries and been lucky enough to ride a little bit of everything, everywhere.

Photo: Nathan Slabaugh

But sometimes words and photos just don’t do these sorts of things justice.

So, with the help of a friend, filmmaker and fellow motorcyclist, we’ve decided to document our endeavors in the form of moving pictures. We’re calling our new moto-travel series Perpetual Motion and will be releasing the first episode on May 17th!

Photo: Justin W. Coffey

Our first adventure took us back to Baja, this time on our Indian Scouts, where we spent three weeks exploring the northern half of the peninsula looking for waves to surf (Justin strapped swim fins, an inflatable surf mat and a wetsuit to his tail rack), tacos to eat and good times in a place that we just can’t get enough of.


So, if this sounds like something you’d want to watch, subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay tuned for Perpetual Motion!

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